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8EAR Community Radio Inc engages with PC Labs a number of years ago as one of your first customers. They were looking for a service able to cater to the demanding needs of the community broadcast sector where money is limited and solutions need to be as creative as possible. Their network infrastructure was broken, PC’s falling apart and breaking under even light loads. They were also stuck with software that was no longer fit for broadcast and ran a genuine risk of falling off air at any moment.

PC Labs stepped in to provide custom built broadcast rated PC’s emphasising¬†silence and performance. These machines are using the latest in parts and have been built using the methodology that any component can be replaced individually so rather than needing to replace the whole computer in time components can be replaced individually and quickly.

We also migrated them over to the Google G Suite of apps to handle email and document management removing internal server load and allowing all emails to get through.

All of this has allowed Gove FM to do what they do best… Play Music that people want to hear and not need to worry about the computers taking everything off air.

  • Company8EAR Community Radio
  • Repair DateOngoing
  • LocationNhulunbuy, NT
  • Cost$20,000
  • BrandCustom Built PC's and Ubiquity Network's

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